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Madison Elementary


Principal's Message

stephanie rodriguez

"It is our belief that the staff, students, and parent community at Madison Elementary exemplify the core values and character tenets held in high regard by Community of Caring. In our assessment centered society, the Madison community believes that positive test scores will be the byproduct of a solid educational plan that is based on a strong moral foundation. Our goal is to develop young people that leave Madison with the academic tools to be successful and have strong moral character that will enable them to make good choices for themselves and those around them.

We believe that with our new “R.A.C.E to Greatness” positive behavioral support initiative we will be able to provide further education on character and promote excellent citizenship. We always emphasize that who we are, and what character we put forth matters.
We also believe that community outreach and involvement of our students will take us to a new level. We believe that taking care of the whole child will translate to a happier, healthier student who will excel both inside the classroom and out.

Based on all that we have accomplished thus far, and all that we WILL achieve in the future, it is clear that the Madison motto, “Gallop to Greatness!” rings true in both principle and practice."

- Stephanie Rodriguez, Principal